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Sensitivity time control (STC) factor

Since R2021a



    FSTC = stcfactor(R,RC,X) computes the range-dependent STC factor, FSTC, in dB given , R, the STC cutoff range, RC, and an exponent ,X.


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    Compute the STC factor for the STC cutoff range of 50 km and the STC exponent of 3.0.

    R = 0:1e3:100e3; 
    RC = 50e3;          
    X = 3.0;            
    FSTC = stcfactor(R,RC,X);

    Plot the STC factor.

    grid on;
    xlabel('Range (km)');
    ylabel('STC Factor (dB)');
    ylim([-70 5]);
    title('STC Factor for RC = 50 km and X = 3.0');

    Input Arguments

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    Range at which to compute FSTC, specified as a positive scalar or length-J vector in meters.

    STC cutoff range, specified as a positive scalar or as a length-K vector in meters.

    Exponent to maintain the target detectability, specified as a positive scalar in the range of [3,4] or as a length-K vector with each element in the range of [3,4]. The exponent maintains the target detectability below the STC cutoff range.

    Output Arguments

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    Range-dependent STC factor, returned as a J-by-K matrix in dB with rows corresponding to the values in R and columns corresponding to the ranges in RC and X.

    Extended Capabilities

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    Version History

    Introduced in R2021a