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Percentage of time when link between first and last node in link analysis is closed

Since R2021a



    lp = linkPercentage(lnk) returns the percentage of time from start time to stop time of the satellite scenario when the link between the first and last node is closed.


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    Create a satellite scenario object.

    startTime = datetime(2020,11,13,7,25,0);
    stopTime = startTime + days(1);
    sampleTime = 60;                                       % seconds
    sc = satelliteScenario(startTime,stopTime,sampleTime);

    Add a satellite to the scenario.

    semiMajorAxis = 10000000;                               % meters
    eccentricity = 0;
    inclination = 10;                                       % degrees
    rightAscensionOfAscendingNode = 0;                      % degrees
    argumentOfPeriapsis = 0;                                % degrees
    trueAnomaly = 210;                                      % degrees
    sat = satellite(sc,semiMajorAxis,eccentricity, ...
        inclination,rightAscensionOfAscendingNode, ...

    Add a receiver to the satellite.

    rx = receiver(sat);

    Add a ground station to the scenario.

    latitude = 0;                             % degrees
    longitude = 30;                           % degrees
    gs = groundStation(sc,latitude,longitude);

    Add a transmitter to the ground station.

    tx = transmitter(gs,"MountingAngles",[0; 180; 0]);

    Create an uplink.

    lnk = link(tx,rx);

    Calculate the link percentage of the uplink.

    linkpercent = linkPercentage(lnk)
    linkpercent = 0

    Input Arguments

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    Link analysis object, specified as a Link object vector or scalar.

    Outputs Arguments

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    Link percentage, returned as a vector of positive numbers or a scalar.


    When the AutoSimulate property of the satellite scenario is true, the link percentage corresponds to the duration between StartTime and StopTime. When the property is false, the link percentage corresponds to the duration between StartTime and SimulationTime.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2021a