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Engines & Motors

Engines and motors as sources of driveline motion

The Simscape™ Driveline™ Engines & Motors library provides blocks for combustion-engine modeling. You can model a single-cylinder spark-ignition and diesel engines, or a reciprocating engine that contains multiple cylinders. You can also model just the piston mechanism of a combustion engine using the Piston block.

Simscape Blocks

Aerodynamic PropellerPropeller that generates thrust from rotational motion (Since R2022b)
Marine PropellerPropeller that converts rotation into thrust in marine environments (Since R2021b)
Wind TurbineTurbine that converts wind kinetic energy into rotational motion (Since R2022b)
Motor & DriveGeneric motor and drive with closed-loop torque control (Since R2021a)
Generic EngineGeneric internal combustion engine
PistonPiston mechanism of reciprocating combustion engine
Piston EngineReciprocating combustion engine with variable number of pistons
Spark Ignition EngineNaturally aspirated spark ignition engine (Since R2022a)

Engine Sublibrary

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Air IntakeCombustion cylinder air supply intake
CrankshaftCombustion engine crankshaft that connects to one or more pistons
Exhaust Manifold ThermalThermodynamics of combustion engine exhaust manifold
Ignition TriggerTrigger system for spark-ignited combustion engine
SI Combustion CylinderSpark-ignited, four-stroke internal combustion cylinder


Troubleshoot Engine Issues

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