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Specify label for SimBiology object


The Tag property specifies a label associated with a SimBiology® object. Use this property to group objects and then use sbioselect to retrieve. For example, use the Tag property in reaction objects to group synthesis or degradation reactions. You can then retrieve all synthesis reactions using sbioselect. Similarly, for species objects you can enter and store classification information, for example, membrane protein, transcription factor, enzyme classifications, or whether a species is an independent variable. You can also enter the full form of the name of the species.


Applies toObjects: abstract kinetic law, kinetic law, model, observable, parameter, reaction, RepeatDose, rule, ScheduleDose, species
Data typeCharacter vector
Data valuesAny character vector


  1. Create a model object.

    modelObj = sbiomodel ('my_model');
  2. Add a reaction object and set the Tag property to 'Synthesis Reaction'.

    reactionObj = addreaction (modelObj, 'a + b -> c + d');
    set (reactionObj, 'Tag', 'Synthesis Reaction')
  3. Verify the Tag assignment.

    get (reactionObj, 'Tag');

    MATLAB® returns:

    ans =
         'Synthesis Reaction'