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Zero Crossing Explorer

Visualize and interactively explore zero-crossing events

Since R2019a


Use the Zero Crossing Explorer to visualize and analyze zero crossing events that occur for each state in your model.

Open the Zero Crossing Explorer

  • Profile the model using the Solver Profiler. Ensure that the Zero Crossing parameter is enabled.

  • Select Zero Crossing in the Explore section of the Solver Profiler toolstrip.


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Use the Zero Crossing Explorer to examine clusters of zero crossing events

Open the model BouncingBallWithSwitch and launch the Solver Profiler.

Enable the Zero Crossing parameter in the Configure section of the toolstrip and run the Solver Profiler.

When profiling has completed, launch the Zero Crossing Explorer

There is an increase in the density of zero crossing events halfway through the simulation. Zoom in on the event density plot between the 5 and 6 second mark.

A closer examination reveals that each bounce corresponds to two zero crossings — from positive to negative and vice-versa. This is an artefact of numerically solving state dynamics that approach 0 value. Around 5.48 seconds, the ball being simulated in the model comes to 'rest', hence the isolated single zero crossing event.

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Introduced in R2019a