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Create parameter table for instrument panel UI



hParamTable = slrealtime.ui.control.ParameterTable(hFigure) creates an editable parameter table display for an instrument panel uifigure figure. The display shows the tunable parameters that have been selected for streaming in the real-time application. 

For information about display properties, see slrealtime.ui Properties.


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Create a parameter table and adjust the position of the table.

hFig = uifigure(); 
% Create parameter table component 
hPTable = slrealtime.ui.control.ParameterTable(hFig); 
hPTable.Parameters = struct( ... 
  'BlockPath', {'testmodel/Constant1', '', ...
         'testmodel/Constant5', '', ... 
         'testmodel/str1', 'testmodel/str2', ...
         'testmodel/multi-line block name', ... 
         'testmodel/Constant6'}, ... 
  'ParameterName', {'Value', 'model_wksp_var', ...
           'Value', 'base_wksp_var', 'String', ... 
           'String', 'Value', 'Value'}); 
% Change position of the component 
hPTable.Position = [0 0 200 200]; 
% Customize 
hPTable.TableBackgroundColor = [0 0 1]; % 'blue' 
hPTable.TableForegroundColor = [1 1 0]; % 'yellow'

Input Arguments

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The hFigure argument identifies the uifigure to which you are adding the UI component.

Example: hFig = uifigure()

Data Types: function_handle

Output Arguments

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The hParamTable argument is the handle to the parameter table component that you create.

Version History

Introduced in R2021b