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FPGA Subsystem Configuration

FPGA subsystem configuration with HDL Coder™ HDL Workflow Advisor

Install Speedgoat® FPGA modules in the target computer system and use them for specialized reconfigurable I/O in your real-time application.

FPGA I/O modules include their own local I/O, including digital and analog input and output channels. For more information about FPGA modules, see Speedgoat FPGA Support with HDL Workflow Advisor.

Select one or multiple FPGA I/O modules by using HDL Coder HDL Workflow Advisor. You then identify subsystems of your Simulink® model to delegate to HDL code generation during the model build. In this way, you create real-time applications that run on the target computer system CPU and on the FPGA I/O modules.

For an example that uses HDL Coder, see FPGA Programming and Configuration on Speedgoat Simulink-Programmable I/O Modules (HDL Coder).