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Install EtherCAT Network Tools TwinCAT or EC-Engineer

To configure and diagnose your EtherCAT network, install third-party EtherCAT software. Example vendors and products are:

For TwinCAT 3 requirements, see Hardware Setup Requirements for TwinCAT 3. To install the TwinCAT 3 network and configuration software:

  1. Install a dedicated, EtherCAT® compatible Ethernet card on the development computer.

  2. Download or buy the Beckhoff® TwinCAT® 3 configurator (

  3. Install Microsoft® Visual Studio® on your development computer.

    TwinCAT 3 uses the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE desktop as its user interface. For the required version, see the TwinCAT 3 documentation.

  4. Install the TwinCAT 3 software on your development computer.

The next task is Configure EtherCAT Network by Using TwinCAT 3.

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