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Parameters and Procedures

Real-time application creation from a Simulink® model

Prepare your design for generating a real-time application by updating your Simulink model. Select a fixed-step solver and select Simulink Real-Time™ as the code generator target. Extend your Simulink model with blocks from the Speedgoat I/O Blockset or the Simulink Real-Time block library. Make signal connections between these driver blocks and other blocks in your model, then build the real-time application.

Note that Speedgoat® does not have configurable TLC Command-Line Options.

Model Settings

Log levelSelects filtering level for system log messages (Since R2020b)
Force polling modeEnables polling mode — instead of interrupt-driven mode — for clocking the real-time application (Since R2020b)
Max file log runsSelects the number of file log runs to retain for the real-time application (Since R2020b)
Compile with GCC -ffast-mathEnables the GCC compiler -ffast-math option when compiling real-time application code (Since R2020b)
Stop timeSimulation stop time


ApplicationRepresent application files on development computer (Since R2020b)


addParamSetAdd a parameter set to a real-time application (Since R2021a)
coder.asap2.exportGenerate ASAP2 (A2L) file according to ASAM MCD-2 MC standards (Since R2021a)
extractASAP2Extract generated A2L file from real-time application file (Since R2020b)
getInformationGet real-time application information (Since R2020b)
getParametersGet real-time application parameters (Since R2020b)
getRootLevelInportsReturns root level inports in application (Since R2022a)
getSignalsGet real-time application signals (Since R2020b)
updateASAP2Pack the ASAP2 file into application (Since R2022b)
updateAutoSaveParameterSetOnStopUpdate the auto save parameter set on stop for an application (Since R2022b)
updateRootLevelInportDataReplace external input data in real-time application with input data (Since R2020b)
updateStartupParameterSetUpdate the startup parameter set for an application (Since R2021a)