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Get server URL for OSLC client

Since R2021a



    myServerURL = getServer(myClient) returns the server URL for the configured OSLC client myClient.


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    This example shows how to get the server URL for an OSLC client created in MATLAB® and configure the client to connect to an OSLC service provider for the requirements management domain.

    After you have created and configured an OSLC client as described in Create and Configure an OSLC Client for the Requirements Management Domain, get the server URL for the OSLC client myClient.

    mySeverURL = getServer(myClient)
    myServerURL =

    Input Arguments

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    OSLC client, specified as an oslc.Client object.

    Output Arguments

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    Server URL for OSLC client, returned as a character vector.

    Example: 'https://localhost:9443'

    Version History

    Introduced in R2021a