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Class: simscape.multibody.Multibody
Package: simscape.multibody

Create Simulink model from Multibody object


makeBlockDiagram(mb,op,ModelName) creates a Simulink® model named ModelName from the simscape.multibody.Multibody object, mb. The op argument is a simscape.op.OperatingPoint object that specifies the states of some joint primitives in the mb object. The makeBlockDiagram method adds a Solver Configuration block to the created Simulink model by default.

The method converts the component objects of the Multibody object to mechanical parts or subsystems in the created Simulink model:

Input Arguments

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Multibody system, specified as a simscape.multibody.Multibody object.

Operating point, specified as the simscape.op.OperatingPoint object. The object targets the positions and velocities of some joint primitives in the simscape.multibody.Multibody object. If you use an empty OperatingPoint object, the makeBlockDiagram method creates a Simulink model with no joint primitive targets.

Name of the Simulink model, specified as a string scalar or character vector. If you do not specify the model name, the name of the model is untitled or untitledN, where N is an unique identifying number.

Example: "FourBar"

Data Types: char | string



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Version History

Introduced in R2022a