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Frequency table


tbl = tabulate(x)


tbl = tabulate(x) creates a frequency table of data in vector x. Information in tbl is arranged as follows:

  • 1st column — The unique values of x

  • 2nd column — The number of instances of each value

  • 3rd column — The percentage of each value

If x is a numeric array, tbl is a numeric matrix. If the elements of x are positive integers, tbl includes 0 counts for integers between 1 and max(x) that do not appear in x.

If x is a categorical variable, character array, string array or cell array of character vectors, tbl is a cell array.

tabulate(x) with no output arguments displays the table in the command window.


tabulate([1 2 4 4 3 4])
  Value  Count  Percent
  1      1      16.67%
  2      1      16.67%
  3      1      16.67%
  4      3      50.00%

Extended Capabilities

Introduced before R2006a