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Propagation Channel Models

Channel models for 802.11™

WLAN Toolbox™ provides functions that let you model SISO and MIMO transmit-receive links with IEEE® standard defined channel models.


wlanTGnChannelFilter signal through 802.11n multipath fading channel
wlanTGacChannelFilter signal through 802.11ac multipath fading channel
wlanTGahChannelFilter signal through 802.11ah multipath fading channel
wlanTGaxChannelFilter signal through an 802.11ax multipath fading channel
wlanTGayChannelFilter signal through 802.11ay multipath fading channel


WLAN Channel Models

Using WLAN channel models to add channel impairments to WLAN transmissions.

Delay Profile and Fluorescent Lighting Effects

Demonstrate the impact of changing TGac delay profile and how fluorescent lighting affects channel response.

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