How to open the gray scale image of Digital surface model (DSM)?

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I have a gray scale image of Digital Surface Model (DSM). I tried to open it with imread() from image processing toolbox but it only shows me a white image. when I open the matrix of image I found the weird numbers as matrix arrays and I attach the example here. My question is why it happens and how can I solve it?
Thanks in advance.
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N A il 19 Nov 2013
clc clear all I = imread('DEM.tif'); figure, imshow(I)
these are the codes our image is float 32 and even when we want to convert the data type it is not showing any change.

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Laurent il 19 Nov 2013
What if you use imagesc to show your image? There might be a problem with the scaling of your image.
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N A il 19 Nov 2013
the problem is not related to scale as I think, we have problem with values of the image in the matrix, when we want to show it it only gives us white image or black.

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