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How to implement transition conditions ?

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Farhan il 25 Dic 2013
Risposto: Jorge Calvo il 2 Nov 2021
Hi, I am a beginner in State Flow Diagrams. I have a query. How to apply more than one condition in state transition for example if I have two states and condition from one state to other is that when heel sensor=1 and toe sensor=1 or ankle velocity >0. How do I apply this condition in state flow.
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Jorge Calvo
Jorge Calvo il 2 Nov 2021
That would depend on the logic you want to implement, but you could try one of these:
  • [heel==1 & toe==1 | velocity>0]
  • [(heel==1 toe==1) | velocity>0]
Alternatively, you can define your logic by using a transition path with multiple transitions joined by connective junctions. For more information, see


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