How May I import date/time from Excel?

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Soli on 26 May 2014
Commented: Mahdi on 26 May 2014
I have a time series in Excel sheet and would like to import it to MATLAB but the date variable becomes scientific numbers like this: 9.37500000000000e-05, 8.82352941176471e-05, 7.50000000000000e-05, 7.14285714285714e-05, I tried "datestr()" function to convert them into "mm/dd/yyyy" format but the output was "12 am" for all dates. How may I transfer date variable to MATLAB and have "mm/dd/yyyy" format?

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Mahdi on 26 May 2014
Have you looked at this solution?
Mahdi on 26 May 2014
I misread your question the first time! Have you tried using the datevec MATLAB function? Basically, just input the numbers that you're getting and it should convert it to what you want if I'm understanding the question correctly.

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