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What is a non-inlined S function

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Ajay Pherwani
Ajay Pherwani il 12 Giu 2014
I was trying to create my own library blocks for a model. It simulated , but when i tried to make a build it throw-ed an error : Block 'model_path/S-Function' is a non-inlined s-function, which is not supported with the current configuration. Consider selecting the support 'non-inlined s-functions' option on the Configuration Parameters > Real-Time Workshop > Interface page.
What is a non-inlined S function ? How to make S Function as inlined ?

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind il 13 Giu 2014
Please see the documentation for Noninlined S-Functions and Inlining S-Functions.
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Ajay Pherwani
Ajay Pherwani il 16 Giu 2014
thanks for help... but the window shows :-_Access to documentation for certain products requires your MathWorks Account to be associated with a license._ Do I need to need to have licence in order to view these document ?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 9 Giu 2018
non-inlined S-function is like creating a C function that is called without knowing anything about what is inside it, with there being some overhead to setting up the call.
inlined S-function is a way of reducing the overhead and creating more specialized code that is more efficient, but it requires that the user write TLC files the describe the code in more detail.

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Marian Serna Imbachi
Marian Serna Imbachi il 9 Giu 2018
now,do you know the answer to that ?


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