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how to make a loop for a simulation?

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Amir il 23 Giu 2014
Commentato: A Jenkins il 27 Giu 2014
I've made a simulink model and I want the simulaltion after starting it to go into a loop that will pause (plot) and then continue the simulation. Can anybody help me with this?
go into loop----------
set_param('modelZaGui1','SimulationCommand','pause'); % pause after 10 seconds
plot ( )
set_param('modelZaGui1','SimulationCommand','pause'); % pause after 10 seconds
plot ( )
and to go like this to the end of the simulation. Simulation time is 1000 and it should pause and plot after ever 10 seconds.

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A Jenkins
A Jenkins il 24 Giu 2014
1) This is kind of awkward. Is there a reason you can't use the built in "Scope" block to accomplish this?
2) If you must do it this way, I suppose you could use the "Assertion" block to pause the simulation as described in the help for Controlling Execution of a Simulation. Add a modulus calculation to get "every 10 seconds". (Example model attached.)
Your main loop could then just wait for the simulation to pause, then call plot, etc, until the simulation is stopped.
%init so they have some value at t==0
% outer loop for the full simulation
while ~strcmp(get_param(bdroot,'SimulationStatus'),'stopped')
pause(.001) % give the plot a chance to update
if strcmp(get_param(bdroot,'SimulationStatus'),'paused')
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Amir il 24 Giu 2014
The problem is that its a real-time simulation and Im using GUI, there is only one button, the START button. I want the scope results to plot on the axes and I cant get any values if I dont pause the simulation, soooo this was supposed to be a trick, pause---plot---continue---pause---plot... so your answer doesnt really help me
A Jenkins
A Jenkins il 24 Giu 2014
Please clarify why this doesn't help? This runs the model and updates the plot every 10 seconds per your specifications.

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind il 27 Giu 2014
It seems like you can achieve the same result by using a Scope block with a Decimation factor of 10. Is there a reason you want to use PLOT instead?

Amir il 27 Giu 2014
yes, cause the resaults should be displayed in the GUI axes and therefor the simulation needs to be paused, ploted in the axes and the continued....


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