Taking the last value of a matrix or vector

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Hi. How can I take a last term of a vector - since my vector dimensions change -, and plug it in somewhere else in my code without keep changing the code?
for example right now I do v(6) to get the 6th term. How can I do it for nth term.... Thanks

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 9 Set 2011
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Marcus il 17 Feb 2019
In MATLAB R2015a, end is faster than length():
>> x = rand(1, 100);
>> tic; for i=1:1e6; y=x(end); clear('y'); end; toc
Elapsed time is 5.475081 seconds.
>> tic; for i=1:1e6; y=x(length(x)); clear('y'); end; toc
Elapsed time is 5.705095 seconds.
Sangbok Lee
Sangbok Lee il 17 Ott 2021
I've tried it several times.
"end" is always slightly faster than "length()"
I think "end" works the same way using index numbers.
>> x=rand(10000);
>> tic; for i=1:1e7; y=x(end); clear y; end; toc
Elapsed time is 21.722168 seconds.
>> tic; for i=1:1e7; y=x(length(x),length(x)); clear y; end; toc
Elapsed time is 22.073104 seconds.
>> tic; for i=1:1e7; y=x(10000,10000); clear y; end; toc
Elapsed time is 21.818949 seconds.

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