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Creating a 2D mesh on a given boundary

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Hello, I wanted to ask how to create a triangular mesh in a delimited region. I have a vector of points x and y delimiting all the point, I constructed the region boundary using
k = boundary(x,y);
and I can see the plot of my boundary with
How do i create a triangular mesh of a specific h size covering this region?
Thanks for your help!

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Pavan Guntha
Pavan Guntha il 22 Ott 2021
You could use 'triplot' function with an appropriate triangulation object to plot the triangular mesh. An illustration on how can we draw a triangular mesh onto a random shape is shown below:
P = rand(10,2);
K = boundary(P(:,1), P(:,2));
plot(P(K,1), P(K,2))
T = delaunayTriangulation(P);
The random shape & triangular mesh are as follows:
For more information you could look at the following documentation pages:
  • triplot - Used to plot a 2D triangular mesh based on the input x,y co-ordinates & a triangulation object.
  • delaunayTriangulation - We can specify few edge constraints on how a triangulation object is to be created based on which the triangular mesh is plotted.
Hope this helps!

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