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How to download audio (vocab) files from

Asked by Naqi
on 3 Oct 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 13 Sep 2016
I am writing a script that needs to download and play audio files (based on vocabulary words) that are located in a separate .xls file. I want to download the audio for proper pronunciation using but cannot figure a systmatic way to get the audio.
For example the url for the word "fatuity" is
But for the word "fun" is
how can I query and download the associated audio? Any suggestions?


how do I download audio from with the correct pronunciation.
Framey Sam: is the "correct pronunciation" something different than you would get by downloading the audio file the way Naqi described in the question?

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1 Answer

Answer by Alberto
on 3 Oct 2014

Read this help link: Download Web Page and Files


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