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How to output LoggedSignals in reinforcement learning simulations?

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I'm simulating a trained agent (using "sim" function) and I want to record the LoggedSignals as a simulation output. Because LoggedSignals contains some important information regarding the simulation. But in the documentation, I can find a way to do so.
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lfyx il 10 Feb 2022
Not yet. In my problem, I can integrate these important information (in LoggedSignals) in to the agent states, though with enlarged state space.

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Alex Alex
Alex Alex il 1 Nov 2021
Try use combination "Ctrl+E" inopened model and select string Data Import/Export for setting output parametres
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lfyx il 5 Nov 2021
Thank you, I'm using the RL in MATLAB environment not the Simulink environment. I think the LoggedSignals may be outputted in a custom environment, through customizing the "sim" function. But I have not yet to verified. I will back to answer once I implemented.
Ádám Weinhardt
Ádám Weinhardt il 15 Ott 2022
Does anybody have a solution? I am struggling with the same problem.

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