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2014b and HDL Coder

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Alexey on 10 Dec 2014
Commented: Wang Chen on 15 Jan 2015
Does HDL coder in 2014b supports AXI-Stream interfaces with Vivado synthesis tool? I tried to run Sobel Video example, but I cant choose AXI-Stream for inputs, it offers only AXI, AXI-Lite, external port. And there is no change if I select Zync or Artix or Kintex target device.

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Eric Cigan
Eric Cigan on 31 Dec 2014
No -- as you observed, AXI-Stream is not supported with HDL Coder in R2014b.
Wang Chen
Wang Chen on 15 Jan 2015
Hi Alexey, AXI4-Stream interface will be supported with HDL Coder in R2015a.

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