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Why "Attempt to grow array along ambiguous dimension." only for some images?

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I am analysing images in MATLAB and the code I have is running fine for most images.
I get the error: "Attempt to grow array along ambiguous dimension." for some images.
Why is this happening? I assume that the code is correct, as it works for most images...
The code runs into the issue here:
%Extract contour
RminusBdouble = double(Iplan(:,:,1))- double(Iplan(:,:,3));
%Mask out data outside of ROI (ROI determined from transects)
ROIx = [transects.x(1,:) fliplr(transects.x(2,:))]; %Transects file determines the ROI
ROIy = [transects.y(1,:) fliplr(transects.y(2,:))]; %Transects file determines the ROI
Imask = ~inpoly([X(:) Y(:)],[ROIx',ROIy']); %use the function inpoly instead of inpolygon as it is much faster
RminusBdouble(Imask) = NaN; %Mask data
%Imask = find(RminusBdouble==0); %Also remove regions of black colour
%RminusBdouble(Imask) = NaN; %Mask data
c = contours(X,Y,RminusBdouble,[thresh thresh]);

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 11 Mar 2022
In arrays, the X coordinate is the second coordinate, not the first.
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Siegmund Nuyts
Siegmund Nuyts il 11 Mar 2022
Thanks. I tried changing that but the issue remains...
Also, the code works for some images but not all of them so I'd think the fundamentals of the code are correct?

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yanqi liu
yanqi liu il 12 Mar 2022
yes,sir,may be check
if is 2 dimension,may be can not use Iplan(:,:,3)




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