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how can i solve this one below?!! PS: the most important to me is to know how to take the values from the user and put them into a matrix and please i want the simplest way for it

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Your function takes an input Q of different discrete charge distribution in 2D plan, Q is a Nx3 matrix, where each row represents on charge, the first entries of a row is the charge position in the xy plan, and the last entry is charge value. The function will return one position of minimum electric field rounded to the second number after the decimal point. To keep the problem simple, assume our space only spans from (0,0) to (10,10).

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Star Strider
Star Strider il 28 Dic 2014
If your most important concern is the best way to get the input from the user, I would use the inputdlg function. It is not only intuitive, it avoids Command Window pollution.
Putting the responses into a matrix that your routine can use is a small software engineering problem that you are more than capable of solving yourself.

Shoaibur Rahman
Shoaibur Rahman il 28 Dic 2014
N = input('N=');
for i = 1:N
for j = 1:3
A(i,j) = input(['row ',num2str(i),' and column ',num2str(j),' element: ']);


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