Floor/Fix rounds the result of a division (60.000) to 59

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I have the problem that Matlab rounds (using floor/fix) the result of my division, 33 / 0.55, towards 59 instead of 60. The code looks like this:
s = floor(a / b)
Where 'a' and 'b' come from a GUI and can be integers or decimals (but never negativ or zero). When I set a = 33 and b = 0.55 and run the program matlab produces as a intermediate result, of a / b, 60.000 (I checked it), which get afterwards rounded by floor (or fix) to 59.
The ultimate goal of the part of the code is to divide 'a' through 'b' and give an integer back, where the integer should be rounded down towards the next integer (1.7 to 1 or 4.9 to 4 etc.).
Thanks for the help!
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DGM il 7 Apr 2022
It is rounded down to the next integer.
format short
ans = 60.0000
format long
ans =
It's just a matter of floating point error and display settings.

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Mohammed Hamaidi
Mohammed Hamaidi il 7 Apr 2022
Just use:




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