How to define second derivative in symbolic

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AA, I have a project to derive some equations that defined in symbolic variables. For example, r= cos(A), I want the symbolic system show me a result that dr/dA = -sin(A)*(dA/d) as A has derivatives values dA/d and so far for d²A/d² If I want the second derivative of r.

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Star Strider
Star Strider il 7 Apr 2022
Use the symbolic diff function —
syms A
r(A) = cos(A)
r(A) = 
D1r = diff(r)
D1r(A) = 
D2r = diff(r,2)
D2r(A) = 
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Mohammed Hamaidi
Mohammed Hamaidi il 7 Apr 2022
dr/dA = -sin(A)*(dA/d)
d²r/dA² = -cos(A)*(dA/d)^2-sin(A)*d²A/d²
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Anas Zh
Anas Zh il 7 Apr 2022
Any variable, it doesn't matter

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