How to have MatLab put input numbers into an array?

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I need help putting numbers into an array. I have a problem where the user inputs six numbers and I want the program to ouput them in into an array. For example, number=('What is your number') Then the user types in 54-134-1-23-6-41 I want the program to come back with [54, 134, 1, 23, 6, 41] Instead, it acts as though the '-' is a subtraction function. Anyway to have it recognize it as separating numbers in the array?

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dpb on 3 Feb 2015
Edited: Image Analyst on 3 Feb 2015
You'll have to read the returned input as a string rather than an expression which is the default behavior of input
number=input('What are your numbers:', 's');
values = cell2mat(textscan(number, '%d', 'delimiter', '-'))
It's a very "user-belligerent" interface in my judgement, however, in expecting the user to format such and not make any mistakes.


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