Design 2nd order band Pass filter on MATLAB using any windowing technique , then find magnitude and phase response.

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Razzaq on 28 Jun 2022
Edited: Sam Chak on 29 Jun 2022
Design a second order Band pass filter on MATLAB having Band width= 5k Cut off frequencies Wc1= 5k and Wc2= 10k .Use any windowing technique(FDA toolbox is not required) to design this on MATLAB Then we have to find, frequency response (magnitude, and phase)
Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 29 Jun 2022
Oh, I see now, @Razzaq, you requested for help with complete sincerity, but at the same time your title in a professional setting sounds like instructing anyone to do your bidding. Would suggest you to edit the Title and the "Description of the Task", preferably in the Question format.
Suggestion: How to design a second-order Bandpass Filter with this formula in MATLAB?
You have to perform due diligence if you wish to "attract" meaningful answers from the Experts in Electrical & Electronics Engineering.
Coming back to your problem, not having enough knowledge is okay for the time being. Why not start searching your textbook in University Library, or a reference book in your Design Company, if you are tasked to design a Bandpass Filter?
I don't have a textbook on bandpass filter. After finding the mathematical formula, please post the formula here.

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Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 29 Jun 2022
Maybe it looks like this:
Flo = 5e3; % low cutoff, (rad/s)
Fhi = 10e3; % high cutoff
R1 = sqrt(1/(Flo));
C1 = R1; % assumed, can be different
R2 = sqrt(1/(Fhi));
C2 = R2; % assumed, can be different
tau1 = R1*C1;
tau2 = R2*C2;
tau3 = R2*C1;
% transfer function of 2nd-order Bandpass Filter
s = tf('s');
Gbp = - (tau3*s)/((tau1*s + 1)*(tau2*s + 1))
Gbp = -0.0001414 s ------------------------ 2e-08 s^2 + 0.0003 s + 1 Continuous-time transfer function.
w = linspace(1e3, 5e4, 1e5);
bode(Gbp, w)




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