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Unable to unzip and untar a .tar.gz file

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I have downloaded a .tar.gz file from the internet and I have written a code to unzip and untar the file. But there is an error keep popping up where it says the path to the file is not in a GZIP format, could anybody offer any other alternative as to how I would be able to untar and unzip the file.
myFile= "F:\podTc2_nrt_2022_001.tar.gz";
the above is the code that was written, but i get an error using, where the file thats specified is not in a GZIP format.
Many Thanks
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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson il 11 Lug 2022
Can you try this with some other compression tool such as Winzip or 7-zip?
Tianchu Lu
Tianchu Lu il 11 Lug 2022
it didnt work out, but the strange things is that the following code has successfully unzip and untarred a similar file, but it stopped working, to which i am very confused about. Thanks, Regards

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Tianchu Lu
Tianchu Lu il 11 Lug 2022
such method would be sufficient

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