Markov chain modeling of multipath propagation

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I have a mesh figure of amplitude vs time delay vs offset distance. How can I use a Markov chain to model the multipath distribution for each delay tap at each offset distance?

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William Rose
William Rose on 14 Jul 2022
I recommend reading papers on the use and estimation of Markov models for multipath propagation. When you have absorbed the information from these papers, start to develop a model. Return to this site if you have quesitons about how to use Matlb to implement a specific model.
For example:
A Markov model for the mobile propagation channel, Babich et al 2000.
On the accuracy of a first-order Markov model for data transmission on fading channels, Zorzi et al 1995.
Testing the Markov property of the multipath fading process, Csurgai-Horvath & Bito 2008.
On Markov modeling of fading channels, Tan 1997. Master's thesis. See section 2.3.
Good luck with your research.

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