Accessing data inside a cell array using a loop

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Here "data" is a cell array of size 48 x 1. Each position of the cell consists N X 2 size matrix. I want to access the data in cell and plot column 1 vs column 2 of matrix inside each cell as given by input. For e.g. If input Z=[1 2 5], I want to plot col1 vs col2 of data{1}, data{2} and data{5}.
```Z = input('input the test number\n ');
for ii = 1:length(N)
sigma(ii) = data{Z(ii)}(:,1);
delf(ii) = data{Z(ii)}(:,2);
hold on
hold off

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Angelo Yeo
Angelo Yeo il 4 Ott 2022
Modificato: Angelo Yeo il 4 Ott 2022
Woud this be working for you?
% Z = input('input the test number\n ');
Z=[1,2,5]; N = 10;
data = cell(48,1);
for i = 1:48
data{i} = rand(N,2);
for ii = 1:length(Z)
sigma(:, ii) = data{Z(ii)}(:,1);
delf(:, ii) = data{Z(ii)}(:,2);
plot([sigma(:, ii),delf(:, ii)]);
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Nikesh Maharjan
Nikesh Maharjan il 5 Ott 2022
Hi, Angelo.
Thnx for the response.Really appreciate it. However I'm still getting an error message like
```Conversion to cell from double is not possible.
Error in untitled (line 8)
sigma(:, ii) = data{Z(ii)}(:,1);```.
I think there's something about converting from cell to double and vice versa that I don't understand. Would really appreciate if you helped me in this. Thank you

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