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How can I turn legend on for UIAxes, for only one function?

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I have made an app (GUI) that has a list of different figure functions that will plot figures to the UIAxes object when I select a function. (Each function is equal to a different plot).
I want to turn the legend on for one of those functions, which I had done with:
legend(UIAxes, 'Label1', 'Label2')
This works fine for that one function/plot, it will however also be on when I switch to another plot with the legend "data1".
I realise I could fix this by manually turning the legend off in all of the other functions. I did however wonder if there is a better way to turn the legend on for just one function/plot, so I do not have to change all the other functions (and add 'useless' code).
If my question is unclear, please let me know.

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Mario Malic
Mario Malic il 7 Ott 2022
Spostato: Adam Danz il 10 Ott 2022
Hey, I would suggest the following.
  1. Create a array of graphic objects with UIAxes you want to do this operation. Use find all, or set it in the code
  2. Create a WindowsButtonDownFcn callback on UIFigure that will check for its SelectedObject property
  3. If the SelectedObject is one of the objects from the array in step 1, get its Legend property, and set its visibility to on. Do the vice-versa for the other objects from the array.
If you get stuck, post your code.

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