How can this probability function be entered?

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I'm very new to matlab. I want to take this equation and use matlab to graph it:
I used this code
The variable P is created but it has a value for the first element, then all zeros.

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 8 Mar 2015
You have to vectorise your assignment for ‘P’:
k = 1.3806488E-23;
e = 6.0217657E-19;
z = 2;
Vh = 1E-3;
T1 = 25+273.15;
T2 = 37+273.15;
V = linspace(-0.1, 0.09);
VV = V-Vh;
P = 1./(1+exp(-z*e*(VV/(k*T1))));
plot(V, P)

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Greig on 8 Mar 2015
Change P to
P = (1./(1+exp(-z*e*(VV/(k*T1)))));
Since the (1+exp(..)) is a vector you have to use array division (./)


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