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Simulink : How can I update the data from Workspace while the simulation is running?

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Hello, My simulation is writing data in Matlab from Simulink, then I do so computations on Matlab and then I want to read the results on Simulink. The problem is that the box "From Workspace" doesn't update the values during the simulation running. Is there a solution for updating the values or no? Thanks for the help.

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro il 20 Mar 2015
Simulink only writes data to the workspace when a simulation is completed or stopped.
You could use a MATLAB Function block to do the MATLAB computation inside the Simulink model?
- Sebastian
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Baptiste il 20 Mar 2015
Simulink writes during pause also. This is what I did. I paused the simulation, so the data can be written, and then continue it. But I would like to read values from the workspace (values that are updated during the simulation). And I cannot use Matlab Function, because I run the Simulink with TwinCat, so a lot of function are not available (like corr, pca, run, ...).

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