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Tune rules in type 2 fuzzy logic

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MAB il 12 Gen 2023
Commentato: MAB il 13 Gen 2023
I would like to tune the rules of type 2 fuzzy logic control in matlab by gray wolf ar ant colony optimizatoion algorithm
I know that these is built in function in matlab (tunefis) support tunning with particle swarm or genatic alogorithm or pattern serach and anfis
I would like to change these optimization algoritm
I would like to operate with GWO of ACO or WSO
can anyone help me ?
thanks alot in advance

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Sam Chak
Sam Chak il 13 Gen 2023
You can probably copy and edit the algorithm in tunefis.m
edit tunefis
so that you can call your desired user-defined optimizer like the Gray Wolf (gwo.m) and the Ant Colony (aco.m).
However, you need to study the tunefis() algorithm to see where to inject the user-defined optimizer.
Before implementing in tunefis(), you should ensure that your user-defined optimizers (gwo.m and aco.m) work reliably as the built-in optimizers such as the particle swarm (pso.m) and the genetic algorithm (ga.m).
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MAB il 13 Gen 2023
Hi Sam Chak I already do it but I get a-lot of error Thanks a lot for your response

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