Professor needs specific color for bar graph, but the hex code for the color is not working.

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%Everything works fine when I use the basic color commands like 'b' or 'r'.
%I just cannot get the hex code to work!
subplot (3,1,1);
bar(At_num, CI_p, 'color', "#18453B" );
title('Mol% CI Concentration');
xlabel('Atomic #');
subplot (3,1,2);
bar(At_num, sw_p, 'b');
title('Mol% Seawater Concentration');
xlabel('Atomic #')
subplot (3,1,3);
bar(At_num, riv_p, 'color', '#964B00');
title('Mol% Riverine Concentration');
xlabel('Atomic #')
%Error message:
Error in Hines_best (line 38)
bar(At_num, CI_p, 'color', "#18453B" );

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David Hill
David Hill il 21 Gen 2023
bar(1,10,'FaceColor','#18453B')%use FaceColor

Voss il 21 Gen 2023
Use 'FaceColor' instead of 'color'.

Adam Danz
Adam Danz il 21 Gen 2023
Color options for bar(__,color) are described in the documentation and include short names (e.g. 'r') and long names (e.g. 'red'). Instead of using optional color input, use the FaceColor name-value pair,
bar(At_num, CI_p, 'FaceColor', "#18453B");


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