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Save matrix from "writematrix" to clipboard

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Hi, I need to save a matrix to the clipboard. Because the points need to be seperated by comma, I used the function "writematrix".
a = [1 2 4;5 6 7;8 9 10];
type Bachelorarbeit.txt
1,2,4 5,6,7 8,9,10
Now i need to save the matrix shown in Matlab to the clipboard. Is there a way to do so? I could not find anything.
Thanks for helping me.
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Md. Al-Imran Abir
Md. Al-Imran Abir il 18 Feb 2023
There is a function named clipboard (clipboard) which might help you.
Tim Schaller
Tim Schaller il 18 Feb 2023
Hi, I already tried it with clipboard. The problem is that I need to save it in the exact way it is shwon in the text file. But I don't know how to do that.

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dpb il 18 Feb 2023
You've got to create the entire text as a string or char() variable.
It would be more efficient to avoid the intermediary disk file...
a = [1 2 4;5 6 7;8 9 10];
fmt=[repmat('%g,',1,size(a,2)-1) '%g\n'];
content =
'1,2,4 5,6,7 8,9,10 '
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Tim Schaller
Tim Schaller il 19 Feb 2023
in my code the matrix looks like this, but is much longer
a =
0 0 1.000000000000000
0.017150418627992 0 0.823370357174576
0.072731407686129 0 0.654969826345343
0.167425334872282 0 0.505049838368501
0.293716496272837 0 0.380416474388619
0.441054925718054 0 0.281320429539904
Tim Schaller
Tim Schaller il 19 Feb 2023
I fugured it out by myself. You just need to change the mode of sprintf form g to f.
Thank you so much!

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