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pass input arguments of built in function as cell array or structure?

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For example, I want to call the plot command but only provide one input to the function where X and Y are stored in that input. Something like:
S.X = 1:10;
S.Y = cos(X);
or, can I save X and Y in cell array like:
S{1,1} = 'X';
S{2,1} = 1:10;
S{1,2} = 'Y';
S{2,2} = cos(X);
Ultimately, I'd like to call feval and provide all the inputs required for the function to be saved in one variable
thank you

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 21 Mar 2023
feval('plot', S{:})
feval does not support passing in any kind of structured input .
Most functions do not support providing some kind of structured input that describes the parameters and options to the function. Some functions do support that -- for example some of the optimization functions support that
Although if you use arguments blocks then the processing of name/value pairs looks like structure access, that does not mean that you can pass a structure and the structure will be treated as describing name/value pairs. If your function wants to support a struct of parameters, then it must do so explicitly.

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