What is the difference between the RMSE calculations?

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Hey guys.
Could someone explain to me the difference between the RMSE calculations in the "basic fitting" and "curve fitting tool box"?
My values turned out to be considerably different
Thank you very much in advance.
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alvaro fernandes
alvaro fernandes il 11 Apr 2023
Of course, here's an image of my data and the RMSE difference.
I used the app "curve fitting" and basic fitting from the scatter plot.

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Sam Chak
Sam Chak il 11 Apr 2023
If you have the data, then you can compute the root-mean-square error between the data arrays.
I don't have the full sets of data arrays. But you can do something like this to verify which is correct.
Fd = [108.8777 5.9200 20.4500 26.6700 17.7200 5.8800 10.140 9.0600 10.8400]; % fitted data
Ad = [108.7981 5.6633 20.3256 26.6343 17.9771 6.0792 9.7517 9.2592 12.1878]; % actual data
Er = rmse(Fd, Ad)
Er = 0.4946


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