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How to apply quadgk in solving this integral?

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simran il 2 Set 2023
Modificato: simran il 3 Set 2023
Here, z is a complex variable such that z belongs to unit disk,i.e., . is an analytic function. is also an analytic function such that .
How can we apply Gauss konrod quadrature on a function having two variables like above? i'm attaching a hint if you understand.
i think they're making a mesh for values of z. But i am not able to understand how. Also, they have plotted the images of unit disk under the maps and using quadgk in the following example. if someone could help me with the code to draw like these:
Please help me understand how they did this and help me with the code.
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Sam Chak
Sam Chak il 2 Set 2023
According to Tri Quach, the Schwarz–Christoffel Toolbox (developed by Prof. Toby Driscoll) is used to provide conformal maps.
simran il 3 Set 2023
Modificato: simran il 3 Set 2023
@Sam Chak yes you understood it right. But only $\phi$ is the conformal map for which I guess they used SC toolbox. $f(z)$ is a harmonic mapping (may not be conformal) plotted with the help of algorithm they presented by using quadgk.
Yes I am trying to learn how to plot these numerically using quadgk.

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