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How do i plot this with different domain other than unit disk?

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syms z r theta n m
X(z) = 
Y(z)=z/(z^2 + 1)
Y(z) = 
Z(z)=sym(1/2) - 1/(2*(z^2 + 1))
Z(z) = 
X(r, theta) = 
Y(r, theta) = 
Z(r, theta) = 
fsurf(real(X),imag(Y),2*imag(Z),[0 0.999 0 2*pi],'MeshDensity',10,'FaceAlpha',.75)
colormap jet
shading interp
%Adjust x, y and z axis limits according to the reference image
axis([-1.3 1.3 -1.3 1.3 -1.3 1.3])
I have this plot for (X(z),Y(z),Z(z)) where z belongs to the unit disk, i.e, . But i want the plot for the domain , what changes should i do in this code? Also, in the current plot, please notice the change in colour while increasing meshdensity and with only , but if i increase it too much, the plot becomes partly black and it doesn't look nice. what should i do?
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Torsten il 13 Set 2023
I'm not sure about the function f(z) you want to plot for Re(z) < 1 (or its real or imaginary part).
simran il 13 Set 2023
Modificato: simran il 13 Set 2023
I want the 3-D plot of (X(z),Y(z),Z(z)) where z belongs to right half plane i.e., now I want the domain to be {z:Re(z)>0}. The code I have shared has unit disk as it's domain, that is why I have r, theta parameterization and then r goes from 0 to 1 in fsurf command.So, what changes should I do in the code so that now my domain of z is right half plane.

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Matt J
Matt J il 13 Set 2023
Modificato: Matt J il 13 Set 2023
syms z a b
Y(z)=z/(z^2 + 1);
Z(z)=sym(1/2) - 1/(2*(z^2 + 1));
fsurf(real(X),imag(Y),2*imag(Z),[amin amax 0 bmax],'MeshDensity',10,'FaceAlpha',.75)

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