How to resize imtool window?

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DB il 14 Set 2023
Risposto: Image Analyst il 14 Set 2023
when I magnify the image 2 times, the imtool window size doesn't grow to accomodate the Image new size. So, the magnified image is not displayed full because the window size remains the same. Is there a way to make the window bigger automatically when it's displaying the magnified result? So that I don't have to manually make the window bigger to show the whole new (magnified) image.
imtool(Rimage,[900 1000], InitialMagnification=200);
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 14 Set 2023
Rather than keep resizing the imtool window as the user zooms in or out, why not just maximize the window at the very beginning by getting the handle to it's window and setting the 'WindowState' property of it to 'maximized'?
rgbImage = imread('peppers.png');
handleToWindow = imtool(rgbImage, InitialMagnification = 200);
handleToWindow.WindowState = 'maximized'

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DGM il 14 Set 2023
Set the figure properties as you choose.
inpict = imread('peppers.png');
hi = imtool(inpict,'initialmagnification',200);
set(hi,'units','normalized','position',[0 0 1 1])




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