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Co-Simulation with Altair Flux

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Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali il 4 Gen 2024
Commentato: Hassan Ali il 8 Gen 2024
I want to model an electric motir for loss computation for the application of electric vehicles.
  1. Is there any way to calculate copper and iron losses of BLDC motor using simscape and how do I parameterize it as all information is not generally given in datasheets.
  2. I have found that for motor losses, FEA method using JMAG is prefered, but I'm using university license for matlab, and I do not have license of JMAG and/or ANSYS Maxwell, I only have acces to Altair FLux. If anyone has worked with Altair Flux and co-simulated it with MATLAB, kindly provide your insights in it. Im only concern with motor losses, designing is not my core area.
Thank you in advance!

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Vinayak il 8 Gen 2024
Hi Hassan,
I understand that you wish to calculate the power losses in the copper windings and the iron core for a BLDC motor using Simulink and Altair.
To estimate motor losses using Simscape and Altair Flux, here is a concise guide:
  1. Modelling in Simscape: Utilize Simscape Electrical components to create a BLDC motor model. You might find pre-built models online that can be adapted to your needs.
  2. Copper Losses: Apply the equation P_loss = I^2 * Resistance within Simscape to compute copper losses, using Mathematical blocks to process the current (I) measurements.
  3. Iron Losses: Use lookup tables in Simscape to estimate iron losses based on flux density and frequency data.
  4. Co-Simulation with Altair Flux: Run simulations in Altair Flux to gather detailed flux information and export this data to MATLAB for further analysis.
For setting up the co-simulation environment, consult the following resources:
These references will provide you with the necessary steps and examples to effectively simulate and analyse motor losses.
Hope this helps!
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Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali il 8 Gen 2024
Thank you for your answer,
I will look into the provided suggestion. Hope I will be able to get it done.

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