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Could anyone help me with an error in my code?

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function [y1] = ADDE(t,y)
y1 = zeros(size(y));
format long
% Digester configurations and tspan
global q
global V_liq % Volume of liquid part
global V_gas % Volume of gas space
%Command windon:
%Not enough input arguments.
%Error in ADDE (line 2)
%y1 = zeros(size(y))
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the cyclist
the cyclist il 29 Gen 2024
Modificato: the cyclist il 29 Gen 2024
What command are you using to call ADDE?
What is the output of the following commands?
which zeros -all
which size

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the cyclist
the cyclist il 29 Gen 2024
Answering the questions in my comment above will clarify things, but I expect you are calling ADDE with either no arguments or one argument. For example
ans = 0
works, but
Not enough input arguments.

Error in solution>ADDE (line 4)
y1 = zeros(size(y));
gives the error you see.
function [y1] = ADDE(t,y)
y1 = zeros(size(y));
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the cyclist
the cyclist il 29 Gen 2024
That is also the error you would get if you tried to call this function using the "Run" button in the edit window (and it will also pop up a window explaining why).
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 29 Gen 2024
When you press the green Run button to run your code, then MATLAB does not go looking in the base workspace for definitions of the input parameters.
When you have named input parameters to a function, then inside the function itself, MATLAB will never search for values for the parameters. There are some circumstances under which MATLAB will search for variables, but those circumstances never apply to named parameters of the function.

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Christopher McCausland
Christopher McCausland il 29 Gen 2024
Hi Thobias,
"Not enough input arguments" typically is thrown when the function is called without the required input variables; i.e.
[y1] = ADDE()
rather than;
t = 1:100;
y = 100;
[y1] = ADDE(t,y) % The important thing here is that t and y are defined and then included in your function call





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