How to set continue function?

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Arif il 13 Feb 2024
Commentato: Arif il 14 Feb 2024
What the function that i need to set code-step which will decide wheter my coding continue to run or stop.
i want create a code after rows named 'checkperiod'. If the result of checkperiod is true(1), i want it to stop my running code and send me a message "Make the structure bigger" and this message can be string-variable. If the resut of checkperiod is false(0), then let it continue but still send me the message by string variable that contains "fullfill".
Thank for attention
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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi il 13 Feb 2024
Modificato: Dyuman Joshi il 13 Feb 2024
The use of logical() in line 157 is redudant. You can remove it.
Also, you can use deal to assign (the same) inputs to different outputs.

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Aquatris il 13 Feb 2024
You are looking for assert() function.
When you condition is satsified
assert(1>0,'STOPPED THE CODE!')
fprintf('Code continues!')
Code continues!
When your condition is not satisfied;
assert(1<0,'STOPPED THE CODE!')
Error using assert
fprintf('Code continues!')
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Aquatris il 13 Feb 2024
assert function stops the code, thats why you do not see the 'Code continues!' text when the assert condition is false.
Arif il 14 Feb 2024

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang il 13 Feb 2024
doc continue
doc break


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