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I need a storage array data memory - block - effectively circular buffer -- write 1 entry at a time -- but I have to continually calculate the mean
Currently, I have set up a data memory block - initialized with 1: 1024 and have hardcoded a read memory block accessing all 1024 -- which I iuse to calculate a mean - No real issue (I think)
For simplisticity -- I have a constand writing into a write data memory block
I can adjust the write data memory block to write into any hard coded element of the data memory block e.g. A(1) A(50) etc
but I want to use the data memory block as a circular arry -- so I want to use A(posn) where posn is a variable that is changing over time
I can't find how to make this work any where on the web -- just how to write one element into the block
it is so simplistic that I must be missing something obvious
Trying to avoid globals - but if thats a solution -- not getting that right either :-(

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang il 21 Feb 2024
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Michael il 25 Feb 2024
Not heard of buffering before -- however I have things already in meory and want to use as a buffer, rather than trying to make a buffer -- I could use that -- but not here
The assignment stream sounds like I have to pull everything out of the buffer - change 1 things as I put things back in
Found a comment else where that the overhead of the way that was impliment in simulink would kill me
That answer also suggested -- don;'t do it -- use a mathlab function -- so that is what I did
Thanks anyway
Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang il 26 Feb 2024
If you are open to use the MATLAB Function block, I would agree that is the best approach for your task.

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