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How can I use allmargin() with non-unity feedback?

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I have a (MIMO) feedback system of which I would like to estimate the stability margins using allmargin(). Looking at the documentation of this function, it takes as input the loop gain L and assumes unity feedback, such that the system can be modelled as the figure below:
However, my system has some controller in the negative feedback path, such that the system looks as follows:
Is it possible to compute the stability margins of such a system using allmargin()?

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Paul il 22 Mar 2024
Hi Erik,
What's the loop transfer function, L(s), from which one could compute the stability margins (having already determined the closed-loop system is stable)?
In other words, are you asking about the math? Or do you know the math and are just asking how implement the math in Matlab?
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Erik il 29 Mar 2024
Perfect, thanks! Sorry for the (ultimately) trivial question.
Sam Chak
Sam Chak il 29 Mar 2024
Personally, I have a preference for system (1), where the compensator is positioned on the feedback path. However, I acknowledge that system (2) may be more intuitive for most designers who prioritize driving the error to zero.

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