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Dictionary with key-value pair of string ---> string array?

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Using the older containers.Map object, I can map a string to a string array:
keySet = ["Jan";"Feb";"Mar"];
valueSet = {["New Year","MLK"]; ["Valentine's","Presidents'"];[]};
M = containers.Map(keySet,valueSet);
ans = 1x2 string array
"New Year" "MLK"
I have not found a way to make a similar mapping via the newer dictionary object (even though the documentation states that a dictionary is preferred "because it supports more data types as keys and values and provides better performance").
Maybe I'm overlooking something. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Paul il 6 Apr 2024
Hi cyclist,
Do you mean mapping to the string array contained inside the cell?
keySet = ["Jan";"Feb";"Mar"];
valueSet = {["New Year","MLK"]; ["Valentine's","Presidents'"];[]};
d = dictionary(keySet,valueSet)
d = dictionary (string --> cell) with 3 entries: "Jan" --> {["New Year" "MLK"]} "Feb" --> {["Valentine's" "Presidents'"]} "Mar" --> {0x0 double}
ans = 1x1 cell array
{["New Year" "MLK"]}
ans = 1x2 string array
"New Year" "MLK"
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the cyclist
the cyclist il 7 Apr 2024
Modificato: the cyclist il 7 Apr 2024
I could have sworn I tried that exact syntax! sigh
Thanks for the answer.

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