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Defining MATLAB function parameters

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DM il 20 Apr 2015
Risposto: Bopanna il 14 Giu 2019
My question is regarding MATLAB syntax, I provided an example but I care about the syntax and not specifically about this particular example. Below is the code.
[prmLTEPDSCH, prmMdl] = ltePDSCHprms(2, chanBW, contReg, modType, ...
chanMdl, numTx, numRx);
prmMdl.maxDopp = maxDopp;
prmMdl.pathGains = pathGains;
prmMdl.pathDelays = pathDelays;
prmMdl.corrLevel = corrLvl;
prmMdl.showScopes = showScopes;
I understand the first line of this code, basically passing on arguments to the function ltePDSCHprms. However the 5 following lines, I dont understand what is there purpose. Are we defining new parameters that were not originally defined in the function ltePDSCHprms?

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Bopanna il 14 Giu 2019
They are being stored as 'Structure arrays'


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